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Do you have bad credit and are you tired of being denied? Then look no further. Swift Bad Credit Loans ™ can help you get a loan up to $1500 dollars today. It's fast, simple and completely safe to apply through our website. If you're ready to get your money just click the apply button above or below.

Personal loans for people with bad credit should be used with caution. Short term loans have higher interest rates and should be paid back as soon as possible. The faster you repay your debt the less interest you will pay. Some lenders offer loans for bad credit with monthly payments but most require a weekly payment schedule.

Swift Bad Credit Loans ™ provides a lender matching service. When you complete an application it will be sent in real time to our prescreened database of approved lenders. This will greatly increase your chances of securing a loan and reduce the number of times you have to apply.


Religious Leaders in Oklahoma Upset over Bad Credit Loan Bill

Oklahoman religious leaders in the state have been working to defeat a bad credit loan-associated bill that they claim gives payday lenders more power and authority. While the federal government in the U.S. is working on enacting more stringent standards in the payday loan industry, lobbyists have … [Read More...]

Credit Union “Borrow and Save Plans” Alternative to Bad Credit Personal Loans

According to a recent article in the New York Times, credit unions are thinking about featuring “borrow and save” plans to turn borrowers into savers. A pilot test for the program, which was implemented by 12 credit unions, is showing promise, especially among consumers who are used to taking out … [Read More...]

Company, Cash Converters, is Cashing in On Small Personal Loans

According to Australian business reports, more than one million people in Australia are expected to take out small personal loans this coming year. That fact alone has enabled the Australian payday lender, Cash Converters, to plan for company expansion. The information is good news as it follows a … [Read More...]

Bad Credit Loan Scam Funds Ferrari-racing Driver’s Competitions

According to a recent report in USA Today, a professional race car driver of Ferrari racing vehicles financed and funded his racing by operating a bad credit loan enterprise that impacted the lives of borrowers nationwide. The $2 billion bad credit loan enterprise charged interest rates of 700% … [Read More...]

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Pre qualifying for a loan is very easy. You only have to meet a few requirements which include being 18yrs or older, live in the USA or Canada and have a job earning at least $1000 per month.

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It only takes a few minutes to complete the application. Please make sure to answer all questions truthfully as it will help expedite the process and find the best lender for you.

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